Monday, March 12, 2012

Women Issues #21

Don't you hate it when you are mad at someone and they don't know you are mad at them...and even though you drop subtle hits they still don't get that you are mad! And then they gone ask you if you mad and when you say "No" they still didn't pick up that you were in fact actually upset with them. I mean didn't you see my face? Didn't you see how I cut my eyes? Haven't you noticed how quiet I got?! Yes I am mad and I get even more upset by the minute because you haven't figured that it out yet!
Maaaan some people are just slow.

**If you are nodding your head in agreement (saying yes and Amen like you are in Sunday service) then you  obviously can't detect sarcasm. And that makes me wonder if you have understood any of my posts or if you are here to throw shade...Look people aren't mind readers (okay I should rephrase that because I can actually read minds...but then again I am not a person. I can't tell you what I am; I have already divulged too much).
If I ask you if you are upset and you say "No" and three days later you bring up the issue...please don't get mad when I give you my GTFOH face aka "get the f^ck outta here" face. Learn to express not repress your feelings. If you need to table the issue and bring it back up at a later date then say that...don't say, "No" when there is something wrong.

Yup just another random thought...I know what you are thinking and I am going to do that right now. Oh you weren't thinking I should go and get a sure? You positive? You just don't want to admit it because it would freak your mind...I understand. And you're welcome.

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