Friday, March 9, 2012

Dr. James is in the house...

So, I just finished watching a Sex in the City marathon, He's just not that into You and reading Act like a Lady, Think like a Man plus a bunch of Maxim, Cosmo, Glamour, King, and FHM magazines. Shoot people call that girl from What Chilli Wants and Steve Harvey relationship experts so you know what...I feel as though I am now a qualified relationship expert.

Dr. James is in the house...the (Tough) Love Doctor-brahahahaahaa

Dear Dr, I am dating a guy that never takes me anywhere. The only time we see each other is late at night when he comes to my house after the club. On the weekend its hard for me to get in contact with him. I text and he doesn't text back. I call and well same thing. I know he does me wrong...but I love him. What should I do. 'In love with Mr. Wrong'

Dear In Love, 1st stop using a Mary J Blige song to justify your situation. If you are going to need a song pick Be Happy and live by that. 2nd recognize that you are Not dating this guy, you are sleeping with him and um yup that's about it. 3rd it's time for you to make a big decision...continue to allow this destructive behavior-because you are the one allowing it-or cut sling load. Cut him off. Does he bring any value to your life (don't count things that a battery operated device can do)? How does he they make you feel. How do you feel when you're around him? How about when he leaves?  *tough love* He is treating you the way you want to be treated because you are allowing it. Each time you open that door, you are saying I am fine with how things are.

Time for you to put your big girl drawers on and make a tough decision. 

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