Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Maaaaaan that didn't happen

You ever been around someone or better have a friend that whenever they start to talk your bullshit meter hits full...quick?! Or you have to give them the "I am so interested in what you're saying" face but in your head you are thinking maaaaaan that didn't happen.

So I am at dinner with friends...we out celebrating life, love, happiness and the wonders of the world. So we started talking about something... oh Chris Brown. I was trying to make a point about him being is young but more important he needs better people in his corner. I referenced the Good Morning America interview and how he didn't know, I guess, how to get the interview back on track. Blah, blah, blah, he flipped out afterwards...blah blah blah.

I say that most entertainers have their publicist give the network/magazine/interviewer/etc a list of  "off limit" questions and or topics. I brought up the interview Oprah and Elizabeth Taylor. I was like Oprah said it was so difficult because Liz wouldn't answer certain questions, even though Oprah asked them (knowing full well they were off limits). And how Liz was visibly upset BUT she didn't trash any dressing rooms when it was over...she just shut down during the interview.

I know I'm rambling but I am trying to paint a picture here. I'm getting to the good part (I promise).

So one of my dinner companions was like yeah and then another time she interviewed her, Oprah found out that Elizabeth Taylor sat on the board of the KKK. Oprah had on the perfume White Diamonds and stopped mid interview to go and take a shower and told her she would never be allowed back on her show.

Uh huh so you mean that Elizabeth Taylor...woman who claimed Judaism as her religion (that means she was a Jew) was on the board of the KKK. Uh huh...I mean I don't claim to be an expert on the KKK but I don't think they like Jews. And you mean the KKK had a Woman...sit on their board <---and what is this board you speak of?
Now while I don't claim to have seen Every episode of Oprah, I have seen a bunch and I really don't remember this one. Perhaps because it never happened but hey, who am I to say it didn't *blank stare*

If you could have seen the faces of the rest of my dinner companions while this story was being told. Some haven't mastered the "I am so interested in what you are saying" face like I have. A few had the "shut the hell up" face on or "you are such a liar" face...I even saw a "where is the waitress, cuz Imma need a drink to believe this mess" face. It was a mess! Eventually after the crickets stopped we went ahead and closed that topic because we couldn't bear to hear about something else that...well, didn't happen.

Yup that's it...some of these posts will be random because that's the name of my blog (duh) and that's how I roll.

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