Thursday, May 19, 2011

Music Box

I want send a shout out to a man who faced adversity and didn't allow it to take him down. He could have bowed out and let one man destroy his success but he didn't. He persevered, kept hustling and pushing it and look at him. He is selling weight from his iphone. Yes I am talking about Mr Ricky Rose aka Big Meech-Larry Hoover-Da Boss- Rick Ross.

Let's be honest 50 Cent is notorious for stealing careers. Hell he has even stolen the careers of those in his own crew: Young Buck (clearly a better rapper), Tony Yayo, The Game (clearly a better story teller- I know I am not the only person that thought his debut album was better than 50's Massacre released around the same time) and Lloyd Banks. And a few others in the game- Ja Rule and Ciara. And he doesn't just stop at music-he even stole Vivica Fox's career. I wonder what he does with does he keep them in mason jars or mount them to the wall. Does he show them off to his company or to potential haters as a sign of what could happen. But I digress.

Curtis Jackson tried to add Rick Ross to his mason jar collection. He even recruited this man's baby mama (a term I typically do not like but hey in this case I will make an exception) to bring this guy down.
Okay so he was a correctional officer-turn self professed slanger that made is big on syncopated deliver, often repeating the same thing over a great beat.
He didn't allow 50 cent to deter him- even after "Officer Ricky" became internet hit or the before mentioned use of his child's mother. He uses his resources and connections to party with the Miami elite. He signed Wale to his record label (clapping) and he was/is on one of the biggest tours this year - I Am Music. Can we say...he is "winning".

So stand with me and lift your glasses of Rose and salute this mediocre rapper turned hit maker. Maybach!!
On another note: shout out to the people that still find it necessary to put Lil Wayne on their album's lead single.

Here's a little note for you- Stop it!

Let's be honest since Wayne has been released from prison his verses have been...well subpar. Yes I like his addition to Kelly Rowland's motivation but let's be honest its pretty much the same thing. I'll beat it up. I'll eat it up. I'll put you on a plate and slop you up with a biscuit. I mean for real, you didn't pay attention to his verse on "Look at me now" you waited for Cory Gunz verse on  "6 foot/7 foot" and sadly Diddy's verse is better than his on "Someone to love me (naked)". Please, please, please don't get me wrong- Wayne says things that make me laugh, think, nod my head so by no means am I saying he is wack. But he has slipped a little bit.

That line in "6 foot/7 foot" about real Gs move in silence like lasagna- I had to listen to that song like 2 or 3 times before I was like OH!! I get it. The g is silent in lasagna and real Gs are silent...I get it. Now perhaps you got it the first time you heard it-so what, who cares! All I'm saying is...uh yeah-okay-I get it. It's like he teeters from being extremely sexual to trying new ways to put words together- "you'll be dead in the living room" (now that- I got off the rip)- but sometimes he goes way in left field. But hey as long as he is getting radio airplay, selling out shows, getting nominated for awards, and getting paper, dough, bread, Benjamins, scratch,greenbacks, moolah, cheddar, Simoleons then something he is doing must be working!

Thanks for topic on my mind- can we stop calling it the BET Awards and just call it what it is- A free televised concert?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

but what if I get robbed

This is one of those rare occasions where my randomness is going to shine through like a sunny day. Honestly I don’t even remember what made this pop into my head but once it was there, I knew it would stay there until I wrote about it. So wrote a blog about it, like to read it…here it go, hmmm might keep that for future use, I like it (see random).

I think people that sleep in the nude are some of the bravest people. When I say people that sleep in the nude, I mean the people that sleep like this on the regular. They get out of the shower, lotion up and slide in between their cool sheets and drift off into a deep sleep. Drooling, snoring, farting and all…See me, yeah I'm not gonna be able to do that. I mean please, of course I have slept in the nude before but it wasn’t planned and even then (on those rare occasions where the opportunity arises for me to sleep in the nude…sigh…I remember it well…sorry) I would usually wake up and put on some clothes. I mean- what if someone breaks in…no for real what if someone breaks in?!

I mean, first let me say, Thank God I have never been a victim of a home invasion and pray to never become one in the future. But there is one thing I know…I cannot be laying in the bed butt booty naked if a robber rolls up in my house. I can’t have just anybody looking at all my goodness. Or looking at me like WOW…you really need to put some clothes on. The robber gonna act like I’m disrespecting him? Do you realize what that could do to my self esteem? I mean I’m getting robbed by a shallow and stuck up thief! To be rejected. Criticized. Even though he is probably mad because he broke in and realized that I don't have any high dollar items so he is just being rude. Now I know what you’re thinking, why would it matter what he thinks? And to that I say, get with the program- this is a blog about random thoughts. This anit algebra and to answer your question, I say...How dare a thief look at me like I'm wrong? Like I can't sleep in the nude. Shoot he knows he wants this. Okay wait a minute this has taken a severely wrong turn some where. Let me get back on track. 

I don’t mind sleeping without a shirt on-because hey sometimes it gets hot. And my top is usually something that comes off at like three in the morning when for some reason the air gets stuffy- but that is really besides the point. The point is...bottoms off- weird. Who sleeps in just a tee shirt? A tee shirt and no underwear- what in the world is that about? I mean what if the tee shirt rides up while you are tossing and tearing and your butt is exposed. Your butt just out the air. You know that's how you catch a cold! Just put on some boxers or something-but hey I'm not judging-not at all. I just think it's weird. 

Again I would like to reiterate my opening statement...this is very random. I know this. I can't even remember why this popped in my head. Maybe I was watching a movie or something. Or maybe it was a conversation I had with a friend- so really you should blame all of those things, because if they hadn't planted the random seed, I wouldn't have felt the need to water, cultivate, watch it grow and then present you with this bouquet of randomness.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Is churchyness a word?

I have a confession...ready... (sigh) I haven't been to a Sunday morning service in about 6 months. I know, I know...I knoooow. And  I really don't have an excuse. Now I speak of the wonders and splendid things that God has done for me. When those around me are in despair I try to offer a kind word and say a prayer. But on Sunday temperpedic just holds me hostage. It does. My alarm goes off, I hit it, roll back over and continue the snoozing. 
What's crazy is before I moved (to my current city) I was a 8 o'clock service attending, bible study going, member of such a great church. One where I attending for years before being compelled to join. I loved this church. So when I moved, I took a survey of what churches people attended and checked out the internet and was on a mission to join a church (by letter or Christian experience). And what I found was an ABUNDANT...naw I'm gonna have to keep it real, I found hella churches man. HELLA CHURCHES! 

Whew. I mean enough to make you dizzy, especially since this is a small/big area and I just didn't think there would be soooooo many. Let me get a glass of water to calm my nerves...

So I attended a few services and well...wait let me tell you about my former church home.
The Pastor was charismatic and he preached the word. He wasn't afraid to train those under him. He allowed Associate/Assistant/Up and coming called Ministers to lead Sunday service and bible study. The choir sang beautifully, the people moved over to let you sit down, and older ladies loved to offer you a piece of candy. And he didn't BEG!! Oh my goodness. 
3 outta  5 churches I have been to in the area, have made begging a work of art. Oh now they wouldn't call what they  do begging, they would call it planting a seed, collecting a love offering, missionary offering, building fund, giving to the glory of God-don't you steal from God because has placed it in my heart that 50 people can give $100 towards this seed. Don't steal from God! He will provide for all your needs. 
Uh he did, he provided me w/$110. $10 of which you gonna get, the rest imma need you to getcho hand outta my pocket. 
Momma need a house, baby needs some shoes, Times is getting hard (oh sorry-had an Ace Hood break)...

My family (w/probably the exception of my father), I know feels I am destined to rot in hell. We were not raised like this. We were raised to attend church service every Sunday and if we didn't we needed to have a very good excuse. Like work or being in the hospital because being tired- was not an excuse. Partying the night before-not an excuse. So, in what seems to sneakingly become a ritual, on Saturdays if I speak with my mother in the evening she asks me, "Are you going to church in the morning"? To which I reply, "I don't know". My grandmother- same question. and she gets -the same answer. 
I don't know why I haven't "found" a church home. Guess its the same reason I haven't "found" a boyfriend. I'm picky, nostalgic, and I think too much. I keep waiting to feel the way I felt about my old church and that's probably blocking me from feeling anything about a new church (this has been a moment w/Dr TeeJay). 
I think "church folks" make it hard for me too. And while I shouldn't allow someone else's action to manifest a negative reaction in me-it does. You know "church folks"...these are the people the phrase, going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car. They turn their nose down on you when you say you don't have a church home. They say things like I love gospel music and I listen to it all the time, in response to you saying you have to listen to an inspirational song before you come to work. A "saint" would have just said, yup you have to put on your armor. The CF thinks its a competition in churchyness. This same CF will see in the hallway, street, shoot sometime even in the House of the Lord and will not speak (and they the dangon greeter). My Pastor used to say all the time "we are the church". And we are! 
That building is brick and paste and if it is destroyed that doesn't mean that the church is destroyed-just the building. Because We are the Church. We represent the church to non-believers. We represent the church to fence straddlers in our daily actions and comments. Always so quick to judge or look at someone funny, yes I am a visitor (not from Mars though, I live in town), just move outta the way and let me sit down (sorry flashback). These little actions can make someone feel uncomfortable and not want to return. Trust me I speak of what I know. 
I would like to say I have a good heart. I am charitable and believe in staying prayed up. I have no problem praying with or for those who ask (and sometimes even those that don't). It surprises me when people ask me to pray with them, I'd like to think something in my actions is shining through. I continue to pray for guidance-always. And renewal of my spirit because I know that it has been broken a time or two. I have found a potential church home and I'll listen to its podcast from time to time. I read my bible-not as often as I should but I am a work in progress. I try not to rely on the "God knows my heart" saying because, well it's insulting. Of course he knows my heart. He made me. He knows his child. And he also knows the Saturday in which my reply to that question will be "yes ma'am, I sure am".