Thursday, May 19, 2011

Music Box

I want send a shout out to a man who faced adversity and didn't allow it to take him down. He could have bowed out and let one man destroy his success but he didn't. He persevered, kept hustling and pushing it and look at him. He is selling weight from his iphone. Yes I am talking about Mr Ricky Rose aka Big Meech-Larry Hoover-Da Boss- Rick Ross.

Let's be honest 50 Cent is notorious for stealing careers. Hell he has even stolen the careers of those in his own crew: Young Buck (clearly a better rapper), Tony Yayo, The Game (clearly a better story teller- I know I am not the only person that thought his debut album was better than 50's Massacre released around the same time) and Lloyd Banks. And a few others in the game- Ja Rule and Ciara. And he doesn't just stop at music-he even stole Vivica Fox's career. I wonder what he does with does he keep them in mason jars or mount them to the wall. Does he show them off to his company or to potential haters as a sign of what could happen. But I digress.

Curtis Jackson tried to add Rick Ross to his mason jar collection. He even recruited this man's baby mama (a term I typically do not like but hey in this case I will make an exception) to bring this guy down.
Okay so he was a correctional officer-turn self professed slanger that made is big on syncopated deliver, often repeating the same thing over a great beat.
He didn't allow 50 cent to deter him- even after "Officer Ricky" became internet hit or the before mentioned use of his child's mother. He uses his resources and connections to party with the Miami elite. He signed Wale to his record label (clapping) and he was/is on one of the biggest tours this year - I Am Music. Can we say...he is "winning".

So stand with me and lift your glasses of Rose and salute this mediocre rapper turned hit maker. Maybach!!
On another note: shout out to the people that still find it necessary to put Lil Wayne on their album's lead single.

Here's a little note for you- Stop it!

Let's be honest since Wayne has been released from prison his verses have been...well subpar. Yes I like his addition to Kelly Rowland's motivation but let's be honest its pretty much the same thing. I'll beat it up. I'll eat it up. I'll put you on a plate and slop you up with a biscuit. I mean for real, you didn't pay attention to his verse on "Look at me now" you waited for Cory Gunz verse on  "6 foot/7 foot" and sadly Diddy's verse is better than his on "Someone to love me (naked)". Please, please, please don't get me wrong- Wayne says things that make me laugh, think, nod my head so by no means am I saying he is wack. But he has slipped a little bit.

That line in "6 foot/7 foot" about real Gs move in silence like lasagna- I had to listen to that song like 2 or 3 times before I was like OH!! I get it. The g is silent in lasagna and real Gs are silent...I get it. Now perhaps you got it the first time you heard it-so what, who cares! All I'm saying is...uh yeah-okay-I get it. It's like he teeters from being extremely sexual to trying new ways to put words together- "you'll be dead in the living room" (now that- I got off the rip)- but sometimes he goes way in left field. But hey as long as he is getting radio airplay, selling out shows, getting nominated for awards, and getting paper, dough, bread, Benjamins, scratch,greenbacks, moolah, cheddar, Simoleons then something he is doing must be working!

Thanks for topic on my mind- can we stop calling it the BET Awards and just call it what it is- A free televised concert?

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