Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I'm a Grown Woman!

"I’m a grown woman/I can do whatever I want/I’m a grown woman/I can do whatever I want"-          
                                                                         Beyonce- Grown Woman

Understanding who you are as a woman takes years of  (1) learning about yourself (2) trusting yourself (3) trusting a higher authority (and I'm not talking about Oprah)
(4) belief...in something. All these things happen through eye opening, life changing experiences.  There's a reason it's called "getting grown" -it doesn't happen overnight. 

It takes nights with tears rolling down your face. 

It takes days of looking up towards the sky and soaking up the sunshine and God's grace smiling down upon you. 

Heartbreak and heartache. 
Love. Love lost. 

Becoming a woman is a process and it doesn't have shit to do with your age, your boobs, or your period. Hell I know a slew of older, menstruating, big chested Little Girls. 

Becoming a woman changes your walk. 
Your back gets straighter and you hold your head a little bit higher. 

Becoming a woman changes your language because you are comfortable with expressing yourself- good, bad, or indifferent. 

Becoming a woman makes you sexy...almost instantly because you love yourself and carry yourself as such and that makes you desirable. 

Becoming a woman is like raising a garden, it takes watering, nurturing, and love. 
Then when you blossom, its like the most beautiful sight. 
People notice, even if you aren't aware. 

Your smile and the way your eyes shine and dance even though you could be going through some of your toughest times...grown woman. 

Making tough decisions and facing the reality of your situation (relationships, weight, education, professional, financial)...grown woman. 

Setting up a payment plan for an overdue bill (seriously, stop lying to them people)...grown woman. 

Recognizing your faults and then, working on them...grown woman. 

Loving yourself even if no one else does (but trust me, someone does!)...grown woman.

It really is a beautiful thing when you recognize a grown woman. 

I can't wait until I'm grown!