Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pop Pop Pop vs pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop

I really don't understand. What is wrong with restricting high capacity magazines? Oh they are gonna take away our liberties and the right to bear arms. That's right because the "founding fathers" were killing their meat with assault rifles that pump out 50 rounds per squeeze. Come on. Like for real.

*sigh* I am pro Gun. Surprised ya didn't I! I think every woman should know how to properly handle a weapon. If she is going to own one, I think that heifer needs a background check, especially the crazy ones that I know.

Seriously man, can't we agree to something? It's like we just want something to be pissed off about. Most of the people complaining probably have never even handled a weapon (a 9mil, let alone a MP5<--and don't even know what that is).

They just talking but not saying nuffin.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

That's Just My Baby Daddy

Seriously I hate the phrase and the phrase "baby momma". Now with that being said, I know I can't be the only person that wants to check out Shawty Lo's potential reality television about his 11 kids and 10 different *sigh* "baby mommas". Okay so I watched the trailer and honestly it didn't seem off putting. The mother's all have a working relationship not only with Carlos <--his real name-->but with one another. They even have nicknames. And people are likening that to Flavor Flav nicknaming his potential ladies but I think this is different. They know each other's names but they also have a nickname for one another. Like when your grandmother calls you Peanut or Buckethead. And well if you act like the "Baby Momma from Hell" then dammit that's what people are going to call you. Hell better that than bitch, right? Right.

I don't know, given the current state of reality television as a whole, not just those with black casts, this show would fit right in. Critics say it glamorizes a situation like this, funny 16 and Pregnant is still on the air-with a spin off (Teen Mom) mind you. People say the word exploitation...have you seen Toddlers and Tiaras? Fact is you know at least one person that has had to deal with a situation like this. One of my best friends....her dad has like 50 children. Five- Zero. I know he can't name all them jokers. At least Carlos is providing not just financial support but emotional support for his children. I say let's not make him a scapegoat and don't pull a Spike Lee- watch it before you criticize the hell out of it.

I know that if this show had a different title, it wouldn't have even made this much noise. They should rename it and put some variation of the word "wife" in it or the letter K and it would go to the top of the ratings board. You know The Real Non Housewives of Shawty Lo or Girlfriends that didn't become Wives...or Keeping up the Kardashians, Shawty Lo style.

Monday, January 7, 2013

"Mad Monday"

sigh...I know that I can be very cynical and even pessimistic at times -yes, it's true, I can be a "Charlie Brown" while being a Linus for others. Yet even I have to say that reading comments on online article posts can leave me feeling like "what the French?" is wrong with people? 

Cyber gangsters are THE WORSE! They sit at home in front of their computers (iPad, MAC, PC) and proceed to blast and spew their negativity all over the comment box. I have seen negative comments on things dealing with the military and I think to myself, if it wasn't for these very same people you wouldn't be allowed to make such comments. Long gone are they days when people would write to the newspaper- leaving their name and city. See cyber gangster don't have the balls to be an editorial gangster; because an editorial gangster will have to back up what they say. If they get caught out there in the streets then-they will argue in person- GASP!- yes in person. I know the internet has made it impossible for some people to know how to carry on a face to face conversation. It's something we used to do in the "olden days". Editorial gangsters have conviction in their beliefs and will stand up for them. They won't say things online behind the guise of a made up name (not realizing their IP address makes them traceable)...sigh. 

On most occasions I try to avoid the comments sections because I already know...and it doesn't even matter...human interest story, finance story, US story, entertainment, sports etc- a cyber gangster will be there with their little gang of merry men leaving dumb, asinine comments for all the world to see