Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Obey Your Thirst"

I miss smiling.

I miss laughing so hard and so long that my stomach cramped up.
I mean laughing so hard it would look like I had abs!


Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I just said, “take this job and shove it! I ain't working here no more”! I mean be on some, I don’t want to do this anymore and go off the “grid” (whatever the hell that means) but then I think about how much I like ratchet Mondays, toilets, East Wake Crafts, Wines and Beer (it’s a store) and sleeping on a king sized bed. So I stop thinking like that.

When people talked about the employees who allegedly received the ill treatment from Paula Deen and her brother. They would, “ask why stay if you weren't happy”?
Why stay someplace where you receive ill treatment? Uh cause they like walking into their house and turning the lights on…duh.
Now while my job doesn't require me to (allegedly) use only one entrance or bathroom nor do they ask me to participate in a ceremony where I would have to (allegedly) dress like slave…I am not a fan of what I am doing. But I still do it because I too like hitting a switch and my lights turn on.
I mean, I’m not and I “envy” people who do what they love to do everyday.
Mainly because (1) you have identified what it is you love to do and (2) you are able to perform this task everyday. So it’s like you don’t even work.
Millions of people will Never experience that.
You are really blessed.
Discovering what I love to do has been a lifelong struggle for me. Wait no…discovering what I love to do and then having the courage to DO IT has been a struggle for me (but I’m working on it).

For the rest of us we just have to continue to “fake till we make it” but I swear even faking it gets old (in every aspect but that is for another conversation).
We try to maintain some sense of desire for what we are doing even if we don’t love it.

It’s like drinking Sierra Mist but you really want a Sprite.
You will just pretend it’s a Sprite (even though it has a nasty aftertaste) and keep searching for the real Sprite.
Here’s the thing we have to get to a point where “Obey Your Thirst ”isn’t just be a commercial but something that we actually do..follow me with this.  
We have to smack that Sierra Mist out of hands that offer it to us…be on some “no, no, not in my house” demand the real thing.
We’ll understand that “thirst is everything”…we need that thirst because that represents the fire we have within.
And nothing else will quench the thirst we have except what we really desire.

So um…”Stay Thirsty My Friends” and keep searching, striving, and driving towards that one thing that will quench that thirst.

I know I was all over the play today but hell my mind be all over the place and I’m just inviting you in.
Have a seat…you want a Sierra Mist? <-- did you catch that…you didn't but it’s cool

*disclaimer* I am in no way endorsing any soft drink. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Do we give up too easily?

**explicit language ahead**

“If nothing lasts forever, what makes the love the exception” Andre 3000

Do we give up too easily?

Have we become a “fuck it- do you” generation?
When the times get tough do we throw in the towel prematurely (now of course there are exceptions so let’ s not get stupid because you know what I mean)?

Do we have unrealistic checklists or expectations of people who we are in relationships with? Or is it unrealistic to believe that love will last always? Are we allergic to monogamy? Are we constantly looking for the “next”- the newer, bigger, brighter, stronger replacement. Like are we just leasing people for 36 months or 45,000 miles and then trade them in for a slicker model?
I know I’m asking a bunch of questions but these are just my thoughts.

Should we blame our parents. For some strange reason society would like for us to believe the breakdown of two parent homes is a new thing…it’s not.
Many of our parents began to change how marriage was seen. Hell many of my classmates didn’t come from two parent homes, that ain’t a new thing. We are the generation of latch key kids for pete’s sake. So if the concept of marriage changed with their generation wouldn’t evolutionists say that it would change with our generation (and then again with our children and then our grandchildren, etc). Now I ask the question again…do we give up to easily? Or are we doing what we know?

I know people that I call “microwave bitches” and notice I said people- that phrase isn’t gender specific. These jokers want something quick and fast.
Three minutes and they have a complete meal…and even that’s too long. Understand that some items require a slow cooker.

Overnight cooking. Checking on it periodically cooking. Lifting up the aluminum foil and allowing that heat to smack you in the face cooking.
And the beauty about when you cook like that, people know that you are cooking up something good. They can that wonderful aroma.
Something is dig what I’m saying. You understand how I laid that out…naw you didn't, but it’s cool.

Do you remember the question…do we give up too easily? Will “love” die with us? Can we still have love that last forever?
Are there any Ossie and Rubys left? Sherman and Adas? Bill and Camilles? Roland and Connies? Alvin and Glorias?

I think so.

I don’t think we give up too easily. I will say this, I do I think our tolerance for bullshit is less than our parents-lol- but I think we are going to be alright.
The loveless marriage for the sake of the children thing is fading into the past because it’s not a healthy way to teach/show your kids how to love.

I think love will not die nor do I think it's dead. I think we work for- what we must and what we care about- point blank.
If anything, we will have a new generation of forever loves.
We will redefine love.

 And the creature that love is will continue to grow and change but never go away.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Have we become our parents?

Have we become our parents? 
Growing up I can recall my parents asking me “what are you listening to?” Or  “you call that music?” As a child I was insulted. How dare they question the musical voices of my generation. Yes this is music, just as much those records you listen to. They would question the lyrics or the style of dress of my musical “idols” all the while forgetting the odd lyrics and/or the outfits of their own musical influences. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the first time I heard the song “Strokin” by Clarence Carter in its entirety (WHAT DID HE JUST SAY?!).

Have we become our parents?
I often ask myself this when I hear a song or music that I consider noise or wonder why the young person driving next to me just has to have all their windows down and the car stereo turned up to 10.

Have we become our parents?
I often think about that when I see a young lady with practically nothing on (where are your shorts little girl)- forgetting that during my high school days “daisy dukes” became Super popular (I never wore those).

Have we become our parents?
I can only speak for myself and while I don’t think I have fully morphed into my parents; I can see the maturity, along with the laugh lines forming that I see in/on my parents sprouting up on me. I can appreciate dinner and drinks with friends versus clubbing to 3am. I understand that while I want to “Turn Up!”- I better chill out- it’s Sunday and I have to be at work by 8am.
I recognize that noise pollution is just as annoying as any other form of pollution so I try to be courteous to my fellow drivers while riding home. Now, let me apologize in advance if you roll up beside me and “Power Trip” by J Cole is blasting because right now that is my “window down blast song”.
I also understand that any 90’s hip hop mix tape is great cookout music just like my parents knew that anything by Maze featuring Frankie Beverly was great cookout music.

Who would have known that becoming our parents would be such a smooth transition? It’s enough to freak the shit outta you. I thought there would be a ceremony or something. I think I’m still pretty hip though. I can’t imagine ever being completely like parents. I’m too cool for that.

Now let me go and get these kids because obviously they think I want to air condition the entire neighborhood, with all this running in and out of the house.

Peace and Peanut Butter.