Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Obey Your Thirst"

I miss smiling.

I miss laughing so hard and so long that my stomach cramped up.
I mean laughing so hard it would look like I had abs!


Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I just said, “take this job and shove it! I ain't working here no more”! I mean be on some, I don’t want to do this anymore and go off the “grid” (whatever the hell that means) but then I think about how much I like ratchet Mondays, toilets, East Wake Crafts, Wines and Beer (it’s a store) and sleeping on a king sized bed. So I stop thinking like that.

When people talked about the employees who allegedly received the ill treatment from Paula Deen and her brother. They would, “ask why stay if you weren't happy”?
Why stay someplace where you receive ill treatment? Uh cause they like walking into their house and turning the lights on…duh.
Now while my job doesn't require me to (allegedly) use only one entrance or bathroom nor do they ask me to participate in a ceremony where I would have to (allegedly) dress like slave…I am not a fan of what I am doing. But I still do it because I too like hitting a switch and my lights turn on.
I mean, I’m not and I “envy” people who do what they love to do everyday.
Mainly because (1) you have identified what it is you love to do and (2) you are able to perform this task everyday. So it’s like you don’t even work.
Millions of people will Never experience that.
You are really blessed.
Discovering what I love to do has been a lifelong struggle for me. Wait no…discovering what I love to do and then having the courage to DO IT has been a struggle for me (but I’m working on it).

For the rest of us we just have to continue to “fake till we make it” but I swear even faking it gets old (in every aspect but that is for another conversation).
We try to maintain some sense of desire for what we are doing even if we don’t love it.

It’s like drinking Sierra Mist but you really want a Sprite.
You will just pretend it’s a Sprite (even though it has a nasty aftertaste) and keep searching for the real Sprite.
Here’s the thing we have to get to a point where “Obey Your Thirst ”isn’t just be a commercial but something that we actually do..follow me with this.  
We have to smack that Sierra Mist out of hands that offer it to us…be on some “no, no, not in my house” demand the real thing.
We’ll understand that “thirst is everything”…we need that thirst because that represents the fire we have within.
And nothing else will quench the thirst we have except what we really desire.

So um…”Stay Thirsty My Friends” and keep searching, striving, and driving towards that one thing that will quench that thirst.

I know I was all over the play today but hell my mind be all over the place and I’m just inviting you in.
Have a seat…you want a Sierra Mist? <-- did you catch that…you didn't but it’s cool

*disclaimer* I am in no way endorsing any soft drink. 

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