Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Do we give up too easily?

**explicit language ahead**

“If nothing lasts forever, what makes the love the exception” Andre 3000

Do we give up too easily?

Have we become a “fuck it- do you” generation?
When the times get tough do we throw in the towel prematurely (now of course there are exceptions so let’ s not get stupid because you know what I mean)?

Do we have unrealistic checklists or expectations of people who we are in relationships with? Or is it unrealistic to believe that love will last always? Are we allergic to monogamy? Are we constantly looking for the “next”- the newer, bigger, brighter, stronger replacement. Like are we just leasing people for 36 months or 45,000 miles and then trade them in for a slicker model?
I know I’m asking a bunch of questions but these are just my thoughts.

Should we blame our parents. For some strange reason society would like for us to believe the breakdown of two parent homes is a new thing…it’s not.
Many of our parents began to change how marriage was seen. Hell many of my classmates didn’t come from two parent homes, that ain’t a new thing. We are the generation of latch key kids for pete’s sake. So if the concept of marriage changed with their generation wouldn’t evolutionists say that it would change with our generation (and then again with our children and then our grandchildren, etc). Now I ask the question again…do we give up to easily? Or are we doing what we know?

I know people that I call “microwave bitches” and notice I said people- that phrase isn’t gender specific. These jokers want something quick and fast.
Three minutes and they have a complete meal…and even that’s too long. Understand that some items require a slow cooker.

Overnight cooking. Checking on it periodically cooking. Lifting up the aluminum foil and allowing that heat to smack you in the face cooking.
And the beauty about when you cook like that, people know that you are cooking up something good. They can that wonderful aroma.
Something is dig what I’m saying. You understand how I laid that out…naw you didn't, but it’s cool.

Do you remember the question…do we give up too easily? Will “love” die with us? Can we still have love that last forever?
Are there any Ossie and Rubys left? Sherman and Adas? Bill and Camilles? Roland and Connies? Alvin and Glorias?

I think so.

I don’t think we give up too easily. I will say this, I do I think our tolerance for bullshit is less than our parents-lol- but I think we are going to be alright.
The loveless marriage for the sake of the children thing is fading into the past because it’s not a healthy way to teach/show your kids how to love.

I think love will not die nor do I think it's dead. I think we work for- what we must and what we care about- point blank.
If anything, we will have a new generation of forever loves.
We will redefine love.

 And the creature that love is will continue to grow and change but never go away.

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