Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pop Pop Pop vs pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop

I really don't understand. What is wrong with restricting high capacity magazines? Oh they are gonna take away our liberties and the right to bear arms. That's right because the "founding fathers" were killing their meat with assault rifles that pump out 50 rounds per squeeze. Come on. Like for real.

*sigh* I am pro Gun. Surprised ya didn't I! I think every woman should know how to properly handle a weapon. If she is going to own one, I think that heifer needs a background check, especially the crazy ones that I know.

Seriously man, can't we agree to something? It's like we just want something to be pissed off about. Most of the people complaining probably have never even handled a weapon (a 9mil, let alone a MP5<--and don't even know what that is).

They just talking but not saying nuffin.

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