Sunday, August 28, 2011

Who you callin a Bitch?

Boss Bitch, Five Star Bitch, Gangsta Bitch, Ryde or Die Bitch...uh so let me get this straight its cool for a man to call you a bitch as long as he puts one of these phrases/adjectives in front of it?

I don't get it?

**Well first let me put this disclaimer out-I so wanted to be a gangsta bitch.  When Apache's Gangsta Bitch dropped some fifteen years ago I really thought that was me (I have since come to terms that I am a L7, albeit a cool one but a L7 all the same aka square). I really did but I just could never wrap my head around the idea of someone -man, woman or child-calling me a bitch. Even when the hype man asks "do the bitches run this mutha fa ya" I hesitate because I think- well them ladies are running it but I'm not to sure about the bitches.

Bitch has never been a term of endearment for me. I have never addressed my girlfriends as bitch. When I say it-oh I mean. And yes I must admit I dropped the b word a time or two or maybe a thousand but this new age of the bitch word confuses me. Why would anyone want to be a 5 Star Bitch? What makes a 5 Star Bitch special because if you follow the lyrics, the girl he is describing would Not want to be called a bitch or even 5 Star. Why 5 stars? Ed McMahon thought 4 stars were a perfect score on Star Search. Perhaps more things rhyme with 5 than 4- who knows? I just know don't refer to me as a 5 Star Bitch cuz the shit is stupid.

And what about Boss Bitch...Rick Ross and Meek Mill calls themselves A Boss, why not just say that? Why be a Boss Bitch?

Now before I come off as a self-righteous bitch let me say that hey I know people- men and women- who actually deserve to be called bitch or even elongating the word and calling them a biiiiiitch. Or shortening it to a fast and cut bitch-I get this. I really do. What I don't get is how we have allowed it to be a describing factor to all, good, bad, or indifferent. Now fools going around saying "you are a non-mother fucking factor bitch"- BBW- really but that saying and that show deserve a blog entry of their own, so I'm going to tiptoe away from that (for now).

The fact is, no one wants to be called a bitch. You don't. That same girl that has 5 Star Bitch tattooed on her leg would go bat shit crazy if some girl called her a bitch, "Oh that bitch, with 5 Stat Bitch tattooed on her leg, yeah I know her" <---and then 5 Star gonna turn into Queen Latifah "who you calling a bitch" uh you dummy. You got your calling card inked on your leg-duh. Or when a man is trying to holla at you and you politely turn him down and then BOOM "well fuck you, you ugly bitch! I was trying to do you a favor." <---now that's not nice. You can't have it both ways; I mean I get it, you were just rejected but what is wrong with saying "Chick"?

Yes it is misogynistic might even be dated or juvenile but is bitch better? is. 

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