Sunday, August 28, 2011

a love

i'm in a love affair that's rare and hard to compare. a love that lifts me up when i am in despair-

holds me tight-knows when i wanna be loved and understands if i wanna fight (because sometimes I need to scream)

a love that will last until the end of time because i am his and he is mine.

a love that recognizes that sometimes i am weak and may need to cry and because of this his shoulder he will supply (until I am calm)

other girls maybe prettier and fine but all of that falls by the wayside when he looks into my eyes (and knows he is home)

no need to play private eye because if i need to spy-then he was never mine (and i really don't have time for that)...

this love fills me up in ways that i can't describe no matter how hard i try (so i don't- i just smile)

naive, no i'm not because i know to have what we got-takes alot (but its worth it)

sad to say- none of this is true but one day when i find you...i'll be able to say i'm in a love affair that's rare...

(I wrote this in May and it's been sitting here in my drafts...but I had to share it)

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