Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Hype Man

On the real don't you think it would be cool if everyone had their own hype man...
at your job! Just like comedians or rappers cuz hell they working.
Like imagine Steve Harvey introducing you. Or a cool DJ from a radio station (Mine would be DJ Bee from 103 Jamz or even DJ Fountz <---he has a nice voice- both from VA).  Or maybe Cory Hill from the E93 (I think). 
Okay I'm losing you...any way your introduction might sound something like this...

Yo! Yo! Yo! coming to the office is the best of the best! 
The most efficient & creative employee this office has seen in years! 
You've seen them in the break room.
You've seem them parking lot.
And now they are here!
Imma need you to Get out yo mudda effing seats and show this employee some mudda effing love cuz they are about to do some damn work up in this biatch!

The office goes wild!!!!
People are dapping you up while you make your way to your desk. 
They are chanting your name! Asking for autographs. Saying they wanna have your baby. Throwing they drawers at you (okay stop-that's a RED light for Sexual Harassment-now back to the fantasy)

You're smiling. You're pumped and ready to start your work day.
You slide into your desk, throwing one more peace sign to your colleagues.

And then you get on Facebook...status update: at work :(

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