Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Love Poem

I am in love with a chick named Temberly
Took me a minute to figure out she was diggin me
Sometimes I took her for granted, and didn’t respect her as I should
Then one day I realized that lovin her was, the foundation of everything true and good

See other guys was spittin they game tryin to stake claim to her mind, body and heart
Attempting to convince her that, their love was stronger than mine
Hoping she’ll fall victim to their deceit and lies
But my girl was smarter than they really knew or care to believe
She brushed them off one by one, two by two
And in the end the truth revealed it was always me

See I wouldn’t hurt her, I’d show her there was no worldly love greater than mine
She’d be my #1 and all others would have to fall behind (me)
Our love would be forever…it would last my lifetime

Not sure when the light came on for me but since then dimmin it, is not a possibility
See, I’m in love with a chick named Temberly…

I am in love with me. 

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