Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Twerk Miley! Twerk Miley!

Um so here’s the thing. I am neither a fan nor do I “not like” Miley Cyrus. I think either she is really smart or very dumb-lol.

Really though I see her as a 20 year old girl, that didn’t have much of a childhood because she making dem Hannah Montana dollars, and now she is experiencing life. So was the twerking wrong because she is 20 and used to be on Disney? Or should she have waiting until she is whatever age Vivica Fox was when she was booty shaking with Lil Jon on stage? Or was the twerking wrong because all she was doing was shaking her back and entire performance (Robin, 2Chainz & Kdot included) was wack. I hate when people sing new shit on an awards show. SING BLURRED LINES!!! *ahem* excuse me…

The VMAs is known for da pale girl shock value (yall know I ain’t lying). Madonna’s Like a Virgin performance in the 80’s. Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson making out on stage in the 90’s. And let’s talk about Brittney’s nude bodysuit performance. Brittney’s snake charming performance or the three way kiss that “shocked” the world with yup former Mouseketers Brittney Spears, Christina Aguilera and of course the queen of da pale girl shock value Madonna. And then Brittney didn’t want to be outdone and she came back with a performance of Gimme More…do you remember that? It was awful.

Miley is just following a carefully laid plan set forth by those that came before her.
Go “crazy” for what seems like a few years but is probably a few months but she always in the news it just seems like forever and then
1) become a judge on a reality competition television show or 2) have some babies and then adopt some babies and live on as living icon and then 3) “get your shit together” and tour with a new album
Note all these ladies have performed at the Superbowl and have won Grammys

Yall wait, in 3-5 years these twerking incidents are gonna be a distance memory but until then “twerk Miley, twerk Miley”.

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