Friday, September 27, 2013

Thinking about the Grammys (or is it Grammy's)

On December 6th   Grammy nominees will be announced.
*The cutoff to qualify for 2014 is September 30th.
Okay taking these dates into consideration Oct 1, 2012- Sept 30, 2013
Who do you think will or should receive a nomination and in what category?

Here are a few select observations…

If Justin Timberlake doesn't at least get one nomination, I really believe people will riot (lol).
I do wonder if he’ll choose the R&B category or the Pop category to submit his entries-hmmm.
You have to believe that "Mirrors" might be up for Record or Song of the Year.
And I'm telling you if "Blurred Lines" doesn’t end up in either one of those categories Robin Thicke will sue the Academy (kidding love you Robin). 
Suit and Tie and Holy Grail (JT & Jay Z) will probably compete against one another in the Rap/Sung Collaboration category.

The R&B album category -TGT might even make a showing in this category. Let’s be honest, R&B albums come out all the time but who even knows the joint dropped? Tamar Braxton and K Michelle might duke it out in this category. I would be surprised if “Love and War” didn’t get into the Best R&B song category.
Last year there were 3 nominations for this Best Urban Contemporary Album category (Frank Ocean, Chris Brown & Miguel)…I still have no idea what Urban Contemporary means (even after reading the explanation) but I do wonder this "will the category make a reappearance". The academy also has a Best Traditional R&B Performance and again…I wonder.
I think Fantasia might get a nod for that #imo horrible “Lose to Win”.

I have found a new "Street Team" so if you don’t have Janelle Monae’s album "Electric Lady" you need to go and get it. NOW! And while it is critically acclaimed, I still haven’t heard any songs from it on the radio soooo...I wonder if she’ll receive a well deserved Grammy nod.

Best Rap Album is gonna be very interesting. People “hated” Magna Carter Holy Grail but it was a good album (perhaps not Jay’s best but still solid) so in my opinion, this year might be the year of the “underdog”.
Kanye’s Yezzus might not even make it in this category (Blood on the Leaves might show up in best Rap song) so expect to hear his disdain about this-lol.
J Cole and Kendrick Lamar both released great albums. 2 Chainz might end up in the category again this year- but he won’t win. Mac Miller might received a surprise nod or even Big Sean.
Even though it didn’t sell as much as his previous efforts, T.I. might even receive a nod (?).

Whew and I haven’t even scratched the surface of all the different categories. I don’t envy the academy (well maybe for their tickets to the award show and the after parties) because it’s so much. Plus there is so much music out there! Music that we don’t know about! I know the Grammy's has gotten pretty stale over the past few years. I could do without LL Cool J as the host too but this is still music’s big night. Wild outfits. Colorful speeches. Or is it wild speeches and colorful outfits? Either way we'll just have to stay tuned and find out what happens. 

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