Monday, April 23, 2012

Stop the insanity

Black women are afraid to work out because they don't want to sweat their hair out. . Bigger women are more excepted.They are lazy.

Whoever keeps saying this mess needs to stop but more important- shuddup. Obviously people who say this have never served in the Armed Forces, played sports, or gone to the gym- we in there! We are also walking in the parks, running on trails, and even in yoga classes (some brave ones are in the hot yoga class).

Look does it irk me that since I have cut my hair that a ponytail is no longer an option so I have to wear a scarf while working out because I want my hair to be bearable the next day (and I get dirty looks from people)...yes? But you know what else irks me- my pants not fitting. My blood pressure going up. Wheezing walking up a flight (a. flight.) of stairs. So if I weigh my is more important than sweating my hair out.

Sweat is your fat crying and I give mine a good cry at least three times a week.

Do I forego a work out sometimes because of my hair...yes (again it's short and I sweat like a hooker-in church-and her main client is the preacher and the head deacon). But as a woman of color, that does work out and knows many other women of color that work out it can be a hard pill to swallow when all you hear is that we don't. There will always be those that don't work out (or feel they don't need to) but they are not the battle cry for ALL of us. Give me a good mix of music pumping through my headphones and I can give you 2 maybe even 3 miles. Put someone entertaining or motivating in front of me and I can give you 45 mins of a class. I also know many women that work out with Shawn T (I can't get passed his voice-sorry) -is that Insanity or P90x- either way...they getting it in.

Stop lumping, clumping, and dumping on us...our thighs are already in charge of that (and doing a real good job).

Peace, Blessings, and Sweat!

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