Thursday, October 8, 2015

Romance, No-mance

I will admit it- romantic comedies/dramas have poisoned my mind and warped my perception of reality.
They did…and I let them. I ate that shit up like Thanksgiving dinner.
But I have to wonder, in a world of excess and posturing- has the art of a romantic gesture died?

I mean musicians brag about what they have But not how they treat their lady. Hell, they’ll brag about how they doing some other cats lady!
Women boast about all their man does for them while bragging about how they can keep him satisfied because their “pussy on fleek”. Yeah, I guess.

So…in 2015, what is considered a grand or even small romantic gesture?

*Where is Darius reworking a poem on the fly and calling it “A Blues for Nina”?
-Where is Dre writing “Will you go out with me (check) YES or NO?”
+Where is Mark, trekking out in the snow, with a new diary (even though he read about the unflattering things you wrote about him)?
=Where is Noah…and that beautiful dream house?
^Where is (ladies) Josie- putting herself out there, waiting on her love to come and grant her, her first kiss?

Now of course many of these are for theatrics. I understand that but a likeness could happen in real life. I’d like to believe they still happen. I have been on the receiving end of a grand gesture or two; and the giving end so I know the art hasn’t flatlined.
I just worry that kids these days won’t know anything about the art because they don’t see it anymore.

Just some random thoughts on this Thursday morning.

*Love Jones
-Brown Sugar
+Bridget Jones’ Diary
=The Notebook
^Never Been Kissed 

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