Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Switching Teams

First I want to thank you all for being here. 
I really appreciate you reading this. 

After much consideration this year
Ups and Downs
And still falling short 

I have decided to...take my talents to women.

#SingleLife    #RelationshipGoals   #LoveIsNotDead    #SwitchingTeams


I'm switching teams.

I like Your girl now and not like how I used to like her. I like her, Like her.

So ladies,  hit me up 

Uh but only if you are between the sizes 8-14.
I really the only believe the only reason for me to switch teams is to maximize my closet. And I've been an 8 and a 14 so if my new boo wants to embark on a cleanse with her or go to the Beer, Bacon and Bourbon festival with her, I'm cool with that. soooo yeah.

Look, so let me say this, before I get inundated with messages- I'm kidding...I mean unless someone wants to take me out to dinner. I haven't been taken out to dinner in a minute. I will even get dressed up for you. I will press my yoga pants. 

I just want to say to my fellow single folks. 

hey - its gonna be okay.
everything is gonna be alright
it will
because you are smart, kind, important and beautiful.


don't nobody want us so oh well.  

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