Monday, June 11, 2012

Spare the rod...Spoil the news story

Okay I'll say...I feel bad for Creflo Dollar. Yeah that's what I said- I mean just this week though.
I do because he has just become the poster child/man of black men beating on their kids. But need not worry because tomorrow and especially this coming Sunday, we will be talking about the black men that don't take care of their kids at all. I guess a black man is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.

Honestly I am not understanding...I mean...well I guess I am not understanding why this has gotten so much press. I've read blogs from those opposed to spanking but let me just say this all those opposed to spanking- let's face it at 15 hell naw you don't get spanked- you get handled. I'm sorry but it's true. Or maybe that was my house. And at 15, iffn at 1 am, I told my mother I was going out- well she would laugh because obviously I was auditioning for Def Jam. And if I told her I don't want to talk to her right now then I would have probably had the taste slapped out my mouth (that's only happened to me once and it takes a few hours for the taste to return-think hangover with a hand print).

Those for spanking as a form of discipline- hey Right on. Okay seriously, only you know your child. Only you will know if the punishment method, taking the car, phone, television away is working. I think it's still called being grounded right. And if grounding your child has resulted in zero results then hey you know you are going to have to reevaluate your strategy. And vice versa. If all you do is spank, snatch some of those privileges away and see if you get better results. Again- you know your child.

Keeping it real, do I really think he punched his daughter in the face...not really. Do I really think he probably wanted to...oh yes sir. My sister is 30 years old that there are times when I know my daddy wants to punch her in the face behind some of the things she says. But he doesn't. He walks away and has some back medicine. People have been comparing Creflo to Chris Brown, Ike Turner...look we don't know what happened that night but to call the man an abuser-I think it's pretty harsh. Yet that's what we do. We take the private moments, seconds that cannot be returned and wage an all out battle in decency and morality all the while never holding the mirror to our own faces.

I have read comments where someone said, we forget teenagers are people too which is a bold face lie. No we don't- that's why they are still alive (duh). Some tenagers tend to forget that we are adults. I have been around teenagers and the things they say make me blush and I'm like hey an adult is present you might want to watch your mouth and your tone. Teenagers don't respect adults because they are too busy trying to act like one.

I am not saying that we need to go around beating on teenagers or choking them out even though I am sure there are some residents in Chicago that would disagree. Disciplining your child doesn't always involve a strap or a slap sometimes your child can move because you applied some bass to your voice. But hey, all kids aren't like that and that's normal. Some like to test the tell them the stove is hot and they still touch it just to make sure. That's life. *And the stove is this situation literal or figurative*

Lastly, I hope that this situation brings the Dollar (wait a minute, can we all agree that is a funny name) family together and not further divide them. I hope it makes families look at themselves, maybe not so much in comparison but ask okay what could have been done differently. Have open dialogue with teenagers and ask their opinions about the situation. Oh and don't worry about this story being around won't. By the time the real story or better details surface- we will be on the another story. Stay prayed up TD and Joel (I mean since the devil is targeting mega church pastors he is almost done in Atlanta and might be heading to Texas).

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