Wednesday, June 13, 2012

That Killer P or D

I heard the most crazy, extremely twisted story yesterday. It began with a series of "SHUT UP!!" and "That did NOT happen" but ended with "Oh my God, that is so sad".

The root of the sadness surrounding this story is arguable but I'm going to say it started out with some...coochie. Naw, this was some Killer Pussy. First let me say I don't like the word makes me feel uncomfortable, kind of dirty (but not in a Pussycat Dolls way). Call me a prude but I don't care...I don't like the word. So from here on out when I say Killer P or KP - pussy is what I am referring to.

Now back to business of this Killer P and Killer D.

I remember a time when this guy was like "Baby, Imma put it on you" and to most women that would be a welcomed challenge...uh not me. Lol! I'm serious. I was like, Don't "put it on me" man-I'm good. Just make me feel good and have me remember you there but please don't put it on me. I don't want to go to jail behind your Killer D. I mean- hey I can admit it. I have been sprung before (maybe once or twice). Most people won't admit it but hey, I'm grown and I don't even know if anyone is really going to read this. Anyway, there I was- as sprung as I could be-riding across town in hurricane like weather or loaning out money or taking days off and missing work but NEVER have I done something that was going to have me wearing silver bracelets (not behind the D). No sir and that's because I don't want anyone to "put it on me". I have consoled girls that have had that Killer D put on them. That Killer D will have you so's crazy (refer to my previous blog about sexting).

Oh fellas aren't exempt...Killer P don't have guys doing any better. It'll have you sitting outside her house watching it...waiting for the next dude to show up so you can jump out and beat his ass...and then you going to jail.  Killer P will have you break into her house, ransack it, and then take a shit in her tub (true story)...and then you going to jail. Killer P will have you...hell in some cases kill. Is KP really that good? I mean "dang homie, in high school you were the man homie, what the eff happened to you"...Killer P happened to that guy.

So next time you getting caught up listening to all these songs about "Beating it up", "Lay it Down", "Motivation" etc remember DON'T DO IT! Don't become a victim of the Killer P or D. Stay out of jail.

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  1. Just get 'done before these kids wake up, Sir..