Thursday, February 16, 2012

So this is Black History Month 2012

wassup lil birdees and chickadess?

so here it is 2012, Black History Month and BAM we have already lost two greats in Black (music) History...the coolest cat in the world Mr. Don Cornelius and Whitney 'The Voice' Houston. Okay so this entry isn't going to be about how much they will be missed because they will . I mean their families and friends will miss them dearly but the fans we will also have Soul Train reruns and Smooth R&B stations to carry on their memory.

Depression killed these two. Depression is like any other disease- it doesn't care how old you are, what is in your bank account, what your Daddy did for a living, who (or what) you are sleeping doesn't care. Yes drugs played a part but the diagnosis was depression. 


Now with all that been said...I am sooo tired of hearing about Whitney Houston (I'm sorry). I mean God bless her soul because she obviously isn't getting any rest even in death. Everyday people keep bringing her up. The news, social networking, the's crazy. If you thought in '09 when Michael Jackson died there was pandemonium then you really weren't ready for this. I always find it funny when all the Die hard fans come out of the woodwork. Like their lives are still completely devastated some six days later. They are completely torn up behind her death but I have never heard you sing, play, let alone talk about Whitney Houston. Man let that woman die in peace. 

Hell this is probably the first peace she has had in the past 30 years. <---And that's the real sad part.  People wanna blame this person and talk bad about that person...what for? The damage has been done. Now we have to pray the damage doesn't repeat itself with her daughter or her cousin for that matter (I guess people forgot about Dionne Warwick and that weed she got caught with). 
Perhaps her life will serve as a cautionary tale...but it won't. There are people right now, smoking a joint, taking a shot, or doing a bump in her honor. Whitney isn't the first person, celebrity or otherwise to self medicate their depression (and unfortunately she won't be the last). She'll be a buzz right now and come June people will be on to the next topic of discussion...I just hope it's not another death. 

Peace and blessings.

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