Friday, February 17, 2012

Gather 'round for today's lesson...

Okay class let’s see a show of hands of those people that want to be in a good, healthy relationship? Okay. Now let’s see a show of hands that think they deserve to be in a good, healthy relationship? Okay. Now let’s see a show of hands that would be able to recognize that they are in or embarking on a good and healthy relationship? Now before you answer, good sex does not a good and healthy relationship make. Oh it’s a factor but it will take a great deal more to capture what you say you want and deserve.
I have said this over and over and over till I’m sure my friends, family, and perhaps a few exes are completely tired of hearing me say it- but oh well I am going to say it again. Communication is the key to any successful relationship. Without communication everything breaks down. Without communication there is no trust. Without trust there is no respect. Without respect there is no love. And without love what do you we have here… (A failure to communicate) NOTHING?

After all the sex is said and done, what’s left (besides rolling over and going to sleep or getting a sandwich)? You will need to talk about something.  I think some of the best relationships in the world started off with hours of talking.  And yes as a woman, I’m sure many of you would say that’s typical. But I think if a guy is into you, he won’t just listen to you talk...he will engage in the conversation.

A good conversationalist is very sexy to me (sorry just wanted to add that).

Not only that, he will recall/recollect/remember things that you have said.  I can recall spending 5 hours on the phone with a guy and still having more to say but hell I needed to get on with my day OR having dinner and you’ve been there so long the workers start sweeping around your table as a hint that it’s time to go.  This is how you establish a healthy relationship no let me change that, this how you maintain a great relationship.

If you and buddy can’t find anything to talk about besides how good one another ‘tastes’ then you might have a problem. Try this...courting. People don’t court anymore and you should because jumping straight into ‘titles’ is dangerous. You still hanging out with one another’s representative. You know the representative. That’s the girl you send on the first date and all she eats is salad (knowing your ass is Hungry). That’s the guy he sends on the first date. He opens the door, holds in his fart/burps, and doesn’t spend much time on his phone (fake ass).  And this is who you fall for until one day the expiration date on the representative hits and you now meet the real them and hey this heifer can eat!  And this dude's farts smell like hot funky garbage.

Get to know one another…how do you do that… (Say it with me now)…Communication.

And Ladies stop communicating in codes…but that my friends, is another class.
Now what is a lesson without homework.
So, your homework- have a conversation about ______________ <---fill in the blanks.

Class dismissed.

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