Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Let's Talk about Sex-ting

Let me paint the picture...I'm was in my car and the Michael Baisden show is on the radio.
First let me say I am not on the Michael Baisden "street team". To be honest, he kind of gets on my nerves but there are times when I come across things that are very interesting 

Sooooo I'm listening to this caller. She is describing the relationship between a 17 year old female and 18 year old male. During the course of the relationship the young lady sent her then boyfriend a few suggestive photographs via text. And it was all good.
Fast forward to the demise of the relationship and the young man bitched up, (oh excuse me got upset) and sent those suggestive photographs to everyone the young lady had in her email contacts. Humiliating this girl thus resulting in her parents filing charges against the young man (remember their ages). That's right, child pornography. It can happen. But this isn't a PSA so let me get to the gist of what I'm saying...

In the above illustration many people would say that the young lady shouldn't have sent the pictures in the first place. That she should be more responsible. And blah, blah, blah. Okay let me say this, perhaps she shouldn't have sent the pictures but she isn't the bitch in this situation (my opinion). Buddy gets mad and sends the pictures out-wow who does that? Oh yeah bitch ass little dudes (and you can be 50 years old and still fit that description). I would say I'm sorry about calling the 18 year old baby a bitch...but I'm not. Okay so lets play it this way.

What if both parties were in their twenties, thirties, forties, dare I say fifties. 
Would people be so quick to jump to condemn the young lady and call her a fast tail for sending out pictures? This brings me to my topic of discussion...Sexting in the dating age. And it will be brief (I promise).

Ladies have you ever received a dick pic? No. You lying! For real?
Ever sent a picture of the "girls"? The "twins"? The "ladies"? Your "funbags"? No. You lying. Tell the truth! Aha see I knew it! 
Wait! Before you run away in shame let me say this...

In my opinion there isn't anything wrong with sexting Yup that's right- YES I SAID IT...surprised? Showing a lil boob to your boyfriend/husband in a cute...well orchestrated...properly lit...perfectly angled pose is nice. And will bring a smile to your guys face. Now if this is Ray Ray or Knuck Knuck, that you only see every quarter for a tune up then you Might Not want to send them a picture. If you feel the person would forward your picture or show a bunch of people then duh don't send them a picture but here is a way to handle that- Don't show your face <---EVER! And hey dummy, make sure you don't show any identifiable marks either. Besides all he wants to see are your boobs anyway. Or your butt. Or know...(don't make me say it). 

Bottom line is if you are going to sext think of sex. Choose your partner carefully. Will this joker go around and tell everyone that we "got it in"? Or will he treasure the experience? Think wisely, go with your gut and all that other crap. 

And if you don't really want to send pictures...a trench coat, some heels and girl scout cookies will make him smile too. 

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  1. Amen sister...I agree with you 99%. Do I think we should condemn the little girl for sending the "pics" to her boyfriend, "NO". However, no one put a gun to her head and made her take those pics and press send. Yeah, he's "bitchmade" for sending them to everybody in her contact list. But, who's really at fault for the child pornography, the model or the distributor? Because even if he doesn't send those pics and they're still in her phone, isn't she guilty of having child pornography as well? #imjustsayin'