Sunday, March 30, 2014

I'm a people watcher

Okay this is when my randomness probably matches your randomness. 
The random act of people watching. It's really awesome and can help melt time away in pretty much any situation. Prime areas to people watch are the movies, the mall, the airport and (I know yall were waiting on this one) Walmart. Church does get an honorable mention but its more like wig/weave watching. And restaurants are also good places. 
Now some people are probably like, "people watching, what's that?" and to them I have two things to say the first- man please you know good damn well what I mean when I say people watching. Then again (the second thought) if you don't chances are You are the person being watched- HA. There are several things that might go through your mind while people watching. Really its more like a series of random questions. Do they not have mirrors in their house? Why do you think that still fits? Did it ever fit? Is their a lotion shortage? Where are you going? Are their friends evil? Did you make them mad? I bet he drinks heavily at night (oh snap that's the pilot). You must be super confident? 
And then there is another trickling thing that might go through your head, or perhaps it's just mine. Who is watching me? I mean, while I am watching all these other folks, is someone watching me? Did they just see me kind of dig up my nose, I mean I didn't go All the way up my nose, just a little bit?

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