Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Loyalty, Schmalolaty...What does it really mean?

I’m lost…has “loyalty” become the new buzz word of 2014? YOLO- remember that?
I mean it’s everywhere. On Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and the top 10 charts. All of a sudden everyone seems very interested in the loyalty of those around them. Why now? You weren't concerned with it before? And What really defines loyalty?
Well according one of the hottest songs out right now…it’s staying with a broke n*gga. Even though the song clowns him because said hoe (I'm not sure if this when she becomes a hoe or was she always a hoe) leaves the underfinanced gentleman and takes up with another guy because he is in a better place financially. Thus translating to being a unloyal hoe.  
Ooooookay-lol. That is know this right?
Sooo if the chick upgrades you for someone with fatter pockets does that forever create a cycle on unloyalness?
Interesting. Does this translate to all relationships or just romantic because folks do this with jobs all the time. Trust me if the EEOC offers me a better job than my current employer...well Imma take my talents to the EEOC.
Here is a question, if the guy drops said chick for another chick with say, better “assets” does that make him an unloyal hoe?
Or how about this,  if you pursue a woman that you believe is a hoe, don’t you kind of set yourself up for the inevitable unloyal cycle?
See, I thought Snoop said some almost twenty years ago that “I don’t love these hoes” so why is a hoe’s unloyal/ anti-loyal behavior an issue? Or surprise for that matter.
If you don’t love a hoe, losing a hoe should be the equivalent of losing a bobby pin. Another one will appear out of nowhere when you need one (or least expect it) so losing one isn't going to be the end of the world. 
Back to this new buzz word “loyalty”, what makes a person loyal? A person that is there through thick and thin despite whatever is going in their life? *cue scene from “Love and Basketball”…”I had to make curfew!” Sometimes we expect a great deal from people not realizing that they too have shit going on in their lives and bailing you out for the umpteenth just not on their agenda right now. 
Sometimes being loyal, means leaving you alone. Meaning you and I both know what you are doing is stupid and I am tired of telling you the same thing over and over sooooo Imma let you do your thing. But know that I love you and I will always be there for you. I just can't support *insert whatever foolishness they are involved in*. Loyalty isn't about constantly agreeing with someone. A real loyal person will call you out on your shit. Loyalty doesn't have anything to do with how long you known a person either. There isn't some secret test. I guess you just know. Well, I figure by the end of the year "Loyalty" will see just how loyal folks are; because by then it'll be on to the next new phrase. It'll probably have something to do with whatever "hoes" ain't doing ("these hoes ain't cooking. these hoes ain't cleaning").

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  1. Doh! Lost another bobby pin while reading this. That pin ain't loyal. Hahahaha