Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pop the cherry

well for years...okay really months people have been trying to get me to blog. they twisted my arms (yeah both of them) to jump on facebook and twitter and now BIM i'm blogging. i guess the title blogger will be official if the same jokers that convinced me to pop my cherry come to visit this site. so if you are reading this...thanks.

so the title of my blog references my thoughts and observations, however random they may be. and let me tell you i have some pretty random thoughts. like this morning, i was drying off- in the mirror (because i'm brave like that) and i was taking a look at "the girls" aka "the twins" and i thought...i should have shown you guys off more when i was 19-25. i mean hey don't get me wrong and not to toot my own horn, but TOOT TOOT, they are still pretty nice for the 30-35 years old category. no i will go as far as to say, they can compete with some 28-29 year olds but man let when they were 21 they were beautiful. full and voluptuousness. perfect circumference...just awesome. 

and now they are just...nice...great on some days. but i'm not sure if they will ever reach their awesome peak again (at least not without surgery). now i will admit that when i work out-heavy and get on the weights...who am i kidding they are still not the bountiful, busting, beauties they were when i was 21...sigh.

what is a girl to do? 

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  1. The Twins deserved to have some Extra Outside attention!!